Pizza is a perennial family favourite, and for good reason – it’s delicious! Home made varieties can be so much more wholesome, and more affordable, meaning that it can feature regularly on a healthy family meal rotation.

With fussy eaters in the household, it can seem difficult to branch out of the plain cheese, or hawaiian pizza rut. But if you can give it a go, it’s worth it! Pizza night is a great way to encourage extra fruit and veg making their way into kids meals.

Here are some bloom family eating tips to help you break free and broaden your little ones pizza horizons, while improving their nutrition. Add to that we’ve shared a few Bloom family favourite pizza toppings to get you started.

Beautiful bases
Give making your own bases a go, based on grain flours, or one of the many new vegetable based recipes online.
Or try healthier premade varieties – like thinner crusts, wholemeal bases, or even pita breads.

Terrific toppings
Sharing a family favourite topping on a large pizza can be so much fun, but if you’ve got fussier members of the family, using individually portioned pizza bases allows each family member to experiment with different toppings.
Base sauces can include traditional tomato, herb pestos, olive oil, or other family favourite sauces.
Try to have lots of fruit, herb and vegetable options available, as well as lean proteins and cheese. Get kids to make their own – choosing a base sauce, an item or more of fruit or vegetable, plus one protein and some cheese.

Offer a few extra options of fruit and vegetables – salad, fruit salad, cooked veggies – on the side to help get the meal balance right. Aim for a third to half of  your meal to come from fruit and vegetables.

Bloom loves
Wholemeal pizza bases topped with basil and almond pesto, jamon, figs, bocconcini, baked then topped with rocket and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice,
Homemade pizza dough topped with olive oil, thinly sliced potato, kale leaves, red onion and chill flakes


Premade Naan used as a pizza base and topped with olives, baby spinach and cheese



x Angela

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