The thought of an Aussie summer often conjures up images of whole days spent outside being active in the sunshine. The reality with little children however can end up being quite different!

So how do your keep your young family safe, active and sane during the super hot Aussie summer holidays? Here are some tips to try to keep those little bodies moving…

* Schedule activity for early morning or late afternoon, when the weather is cooler and the UV index away from its peak.

* Try water based activities – swimming, sprinkler fun, slip n slide, or hit the beach!

* If it’s really hot, indoor activities like air-conditioned play cafes or dance classes can be a great way to burn up kids energy!

* For something a little more zen, try learning something new, like a family yoga class.

* For a little DIY family fitness, try your own YouTube guided in home fun like Cosmic Kids yoga, or Go-Noodle yoga, dance and fitness videos. If you’re anything like my crew, you’ll all be laughing and moving at the same time!

When getting active in the warmer weather, don’t forget:

Keep up the fluids!
Water is the best drink for kids. Don’t forget to fill your drink bottle before heading out. If you’re hanging at home, have fun with fruit and herb flavoured waters, ice blocks or slushies, or home-made iced fruit teas etc. Drinks big on added sugars like juice drinks, sports drinks and soft drinks aren’t needed for kids.

Pack a snack.
Active kids are hungry kids, so if you’re heading out, fill the cooler bag with an ice brick and a stack of healthy snacks. Head to our website for some great ideas!

Be sun safe.
Vitamin D is an important nutrient in our bodies, which we get both from our diet and when it is synthesised by our skin. While a¬†little sun exposure is healthy, but too much puts skin at risk. Stay out of the sun at peak sun exposure times, wear a hat, sun safe clothing, and sunscreen where it’s needed. Visit the Cancer Council website for guidelines in your area about healthy exposure and sun protection

… and most of all, don’t forget to join in, and have fun!

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