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With you on your family food journey

From little things, big things grow…

Bloom Nutrition Studio was born from our desire to bring accurate and honest nutrition information to families when and where they need it most- in the home!

We’re here to guide you through the journey of feeding your family. Let us inspire you with top tips, easy nutritious recipes and up to date nutrition information that really matters to you.

As experienced paediatric dietitians and parents to 8 children between us, we can work together with you. Giving you the information you need to help your family develop healthy eating habits for life.

What does Bloom do?

Bloom Nutrition Studio brings you real information and proven strategies, from real professionals, with real families

Getting family nutrition right from the start

Bringing more than 30 years experience in maternal, child and family nutrition;
helping hospitals, universities, private clinics, businesses, and real families.

Bloom for everyday families

Join our online community sharing accurate and honest family nutrition information.

Bloom for your business

Bloom offers nutrition and dietetic services to businesses, including workplace nutrition training, nutrition policy development, product and menu reviews.

Bloom for nutrition advice

Learn more about looking after specialized nutrition needs, for those families who need tailored dietetic advice.

Bloom for you

Learn and share about eating well and feeling great, for every stage of your parenting journey.

Bloom Nutrition Studio

Meet our team

The faces behind Bloom’s nutrition messages


Co-Founder and Paediatric Dietitian

Julia Boase

Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist

angela small

Co-Founder and Paediatric Dietitian

Angela Stradwick

Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist

Sharing our Experience,
Skills & Expertise.
For Your Family’s Nutrition.

Bloom Nutrition Studio is with you on your family’s food journey.

We bring you real information and proven strategies, from real professionals, with real families.

Join us as we work to feed our families right from the start.

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